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Bee is about telling stories.

Stories are what give ordinary moments extraordinary meaning. Companies spend thousands of dollars trying to reproduce the special moments that people experience every day! With Bee, we let companies ditch the expensive photo shoots, and put the content creation in the hands of the people who use and love the products. The Creators get worldwide exposure and companies get world-class creative content.

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Pay for your vacation by taking one.

Whether you're wearing that cute swimsuit or shredding on new skis, Bee gets your content featured by the brands you love. Use the newfound fame to monetize your brand or be paid $5 per 100 likes through Bee. Explore the world, capture great moments, and make money posting them through Bee.

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Transform your company into a brand.

Discover what makes your company special. Bee does more than create brand defining content, it lets you interact with your best customers. Whether you want to showcase your new products or experiment with a new idea, Bee lets you interact directly with the people who swear by your company. Don’t guess what your customers love, let them tell you.

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Everyone wins.

Companies get to know their audience and Creators get a voice in the companies they love most. From featured photos to news on the latest products, Creators get rewarded for the stories that define a brand. Thanks to Bee, transparency is more than a buzzword, it's a way for companies and Creator to grow together.

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