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Rep your favorite brands.

At Bee, we want the stories that bring products and brands to life. Our platform makes it easy for you to find and endorse the products and brands you love most. This means that whether you have a thousand followers or a million, you get your choice of companies.

Creativity has no bounds.
Neither should you.

Bee doesn’t censor your content or control your message. We want your content to be genuine reflections of you and what you believe. Making money shouldn’t ruin your Instagram. As long as you stay within our Community Guidelines, your posts are yours to create.

Fund your passions.

Bee is only as good as our creators. We rely on you to share your memories with the world. As such, we make sure that you get something for your work. Whether it be worldwide exposure or cold hard cash, you are rewarded for your creations. Post your content, get paid, and make more memories!

Coming soon to iOS.

Bee for iOS is about to launch. Check back soon for the download link.
Android version to follow.